Hollywood visualization studio looking for UE4 engineer for VR team that created The Martian VR

I head up the VR group over at The Third Floor in Los Angeles. We visualize stories at every stage of their creation - From storyboards to post-production, we collaborate across the globe to explore narrative; design shots; and create technical solutions to help build award-winning visuals and immersive experiences. The VR team worked on The Martian VR for Fox, and have a number of new and exciting projects in the pipeline. We’re looking for an experienced Unreal Engine programmer to join the team. The studio is located in the Mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles, and features it’s own mocap studio, screening room, and catered breakfasts and lunches on Monday and Fridays.

The studio has a great mix of Hollywood visual FX pros, pipeline engineers, and plenty of gaming experience over in our VR department. An amazing place to utilize your skills, and learn a few new tricks too. And we hate crunch, we aren’t your typical game studio! :slight_smile:

Job Post - Senior Engineer - Interactive VR

Interested? We’d love to here from you!


– Brian.
ps. And yes, we have free candy!