Hollowed - A free to play puzzle platformer

My team and I just released our first project on Steam! We have been working on it over the past year, and we are very excited to share the finished product with all of you.

Hollowed is a 3D sidescrolling puzzle platformer where you play as Halia, a woman who has lost her loved one and will go through great lengths to bring him back from the dead. The main gameplay mechanic is that you control two characters at the same time: Halia and Oco (A physical manifestation of Halia’s emotions). We took a lot of inspiration from Inside and Brothers. Our end goal was to have a movie-length experience that has a story with an emotional impact and is up for interpretation to the player. The game will take 1.5 - 2 hours to complete from start to finish.

Here is the link to the steam page:

Below are some screenshots
Full album here: Hollowed (2017 - PC) Environment Screenshots - Album on Imgur