Hollow blocking volume is broken in UE 4.12

Once I moved my project to UE 4.12 I’ve met problems with hollow blocking volumes - character can’t be spawn inside it, and it’s really not hollow in result.

Checking / unchecking “Hollow” checkbox produces this log:

LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: (..\..\PhysXCooking\src\convex\ConvexHullBuilder.cpp 1116) eINTERNAL_ERROR : ConvexHullBuilder::CreateTrianglesFromPolygons: convex hull has a polygon with less than 3 vertices!
LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: (..\..\PhysXCooking\src\convex\ConvexMeshBuilder.cpp 253) eINTERNAL_ERROR : Gu::ConvexMesh::loadConvexHull: convex hull init failed! Try to use the PxConvexFlag::eINFLATE_CONVEX flag. (see PxToolkit::createConvexMeshSafe)
LogPhysics:Warning: Cooking failed, possibly due to verts too close together. Trying again with inflation.

Got the same error and found you. I’ll let you know If I figure anything out.

So this is weird but the solution for me was simply trying to package it again.