Höll Space 5D6 soon in Early Access

Höll Space 5D6 soon in Early Access on Steam


Each episode puts you in control of a different protagonist in an open, nonlinear maze and world who has to figure out the secrets of Höll Space to survive.

Höll Space 5D6 on Steam developed by 5D6 Games featuring some of my artwork. And on Discord Höll Space 5D6 HollSpace5D6

Höll Space 5D6 Dev Playing game before start of Early Access

Höll Space 5D6 Early Access Dev Talk 01 look around in UE4 Editor (Basic Things)

NVIDIA Ansel support for 360° pictures is integrated (Alt F3)

New Video by [Jurassic Acid Gaming] Holl Space 5D6| Early access zombie terminator game coming out soon - YouTube

I finally have a Demo for “Höll Space 5D6“ available. The game is in early access; the Demo includes most of the first episode. The other episodes are currently in development. So, the game is by no means finished or final at this time. If you find any problems or encounter bugs, please post them on the discord. I build Höll Space as a solo developer, and it is a hobby project. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1572470/Hll_Space_5D6/ the download is 19 GB, and you need ~50 GB of disk space. All the art content for all episodes is already included in the current version and builds for the game and Demo, making the regular updates relatively quick.

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