Holiday gift for you - premium subscription for theViewer VR

Happy holidays everyone!

We at theConstruct would like to give you a special treat this year. Log in on today and request a premium subscription as a holiday gift. Create and share VR tours for the web, Android, iOS, GearVR and Oculus Rift apps and enjoy advanced features free users can’t access, including Shared Experience, so you can enjoy VR together with clients and friends.

More info on

How do we request the premium sub, I don’t see anything :frowning:

Hello KrisKarn,
What about Unreal Engine?? There are some guides on your website to show an easy way to do some 360 panorama images but nothing about UE4. Have you an easy way to share with us?


Getting a premium subscription is super easy - log in with your google user and request it in the internal chat or via

You are right - the UE guide is missing right now, it will be included

Here are some nice videos for how 360 from UE is usually done

Those are pretty old actually. There is an official 360 stereo plugin in ue4. It’s just turned off by default iirc. Here’s how to use it. It works for movie and stills.


You can make stuff like this vr movie :