Holes in Landscape?

Hi All,

I looked into some tutorials and the documentation provided in unreal on making holes in the landscape using visibility tool. But i do not know what is the mistake that i am doing. can someone help me?

I created a landscape material which has 5 layers with opaque blend mode. And then copied the same material and changed the blendmode to masked and attached the “Visibility Mask” Node to Opacity Mask pin. Finally Used this as landscape hole material for my Landscape Object.

Could you show the landscape layers in the graph and level? Cheers.

i thought only material of the landscape should be used for the landscape hole material also. But in my case i was using Material Instance for the Landscape Material. I then tried using Material Instance of Landscape Hole Material i created with the same values i gave for Landscape MI. Finally i was able to create a hole on landscape without any modification made on the material itself.