Holding off and fbx animation before it gets triggered

Hi there,

Just starting with UE4 and I am struggling to find the best way to kick off an imported fbx animation(just a bunch of rbd objects cached out from houdini indie as fbx, using the games development shelf from Steven Burrichter(thx sir!)).
The idea is to have the objects on hold until I set un event, and then trigger the animation from the first frame.

I’d appreciate any pointers, since there are way too many docs to look for info, and my searches don’t seem to be getting me any possitive results so far.



You’re welcome :smiley:

I’m not an expert at blueprint, however there are a couple ways to handle this. First of all, select your skelmesh in the scene and tell it to not auto play. The way I typically handle these is via Matinee. So you would create your matinee sequence, add your skelmesh, and tell it to play the animation you want. In the level blueprint with the matinee selected, you can place a reference and a controller. Using the context menu, there should be a “Play” function of some sort. Once an event happens, pipe that into the “Play” function. Then you can use the controller to have the sequence trigger something once finished.

Alternatively, I’m pretty sure there’s a way to bring in a skelmesh reference into your blueprint, assign an animation, and then tell it to play the animation without creating a matinee sequence. But I’m not sure the steps involved.

Hopefully that helps!