Holding an object, and teleporting it as far as far against a wall as possible without clipping

I’ve been working on this forced perspective thing, which would see me pick up an object, push the object as far as possible (onto a wall, for example), and scale as needed.
I got the thing working, but I have a few issues. Picking up the object is fine, but once the object teleports to a wall (did this by using a linetrace and using its impact point), some visible parts of the object are clipped into the wall especially when the crosshair is on a corner/edge of a wall, ruining the forced perspective illusion that the object is closer than it actually is. I’m trying to get something smooth like this when the object is teleported through all those stuff ( . Any way on how to fix this?

FPGame - Unreal Editor 2021-04-11 18-36-31.mp4 - Google Drive this is what I have rn; the mistake is hard to see since I am trying to hide it (i have a school project, shush).

(btw, used this video in order to impliment the pick up.)