Hold Your Own Survival Crafting Game- Released!

[FONT=lucida sans unicode]December 1 Update: We’re LIVE on the Steam Store: Hold Your Own on Steam

[FONT=lucida sans unicode]Hey everyone!

I’m new to the community and working on a survival crafting game called “Hold Your Own](Hold Your Own on Steam)” that’s coming to Early Access soon. I’ve been working away on this project and now its time to get it out there and hear feedback from folks. So thanks in advance for any thoughts / comments you have.

I’ll be posting screenshots and videos here and will try to keep it coming even post launch in Early Access.


niceeeeee game !

Looks really nice. Awesome work! Keep it up!

Thanks so much! Been working away on some small bug fixes and decided to separate the hot bar from the inventory! Here’s some more shots from the game:



Going to move this forum over to "Released’ as our game is now live on Steam :slight_smile: We’ve been so wrapped up in updating the game, we forgot to update this thread!