Hold On Kite: (Hopefully) a master piece

I am making a new endless runner game in Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints! I am completely new but hoping to start my own Game Dev company by the name of Gearbox Games (Not linked to Gearbox Software, I found out about them after I came up with the name) so I am using a tutorial online (The Unreal engine runner tutorial) I also started learning Blender. Hopefully you guys like this concept, but, the game will have an endless mode which you will just surf on the wind until you die from SPEED

and it will also have a story mode where the main character is flying a kite, sitting down on a hill, but then the kite starts fluttering fast and pulling the boy along and then you look around and see a figure. In a rift. But you hold on ‘Kite (tight)’ to your kite and the figure soon disappears you look at your kite as it comes to life and gains a face. Then you both look around and see all kinds of kites flying towards the Triple crown mountains you both nod to each other you grab on to the kite, and away you go! There will be _ worlds and _ different obstacles/enemies. I am letting you guys choose! the community is always right so… post your ideas or drawings down below!

Hello! This is the logo for the game as drawn by a artist friend of mine.

I like the name :smiley: