Hogwards Legacy Crash

I’m having crashes in Howards Legacy, and it’s almost always when I interact with a specific object, the parchments. In the CrashReportClient file it says:

I’ve tried everything and nothing works.

Hey there @nikolastesla8! Welcome to the community! This forum is mostly dedicated to assisting other developers working on Unreal Engine games, so I don’t know how much support you’ll find for specific games here.

However, with an error I might be able to tell you a bit more information you could report through their official channels. What you pasted there was just the beginning of a crash reporter window, there’s often much more if it’s been left in.

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Here’s the official bug reporting area for Hogwarts Legacy:

And below is a couple of general things to try since we have no other information:
Making sure you have the latest patch from the developer.
Making sure your graphics drivers are fully up to date.
Making sure you aren’t maxing out your CPU/Memory at that point.
Verifying the games files can sometimes correct issues with corrupted files.
Sometimes you may need to do a clean reinstallation.