Hobotech wars

A little bit about us.
So we’re a small team and have been trying to put together a game much larger in scope than possible for the last year and a half. Its a Futuristic RPG Voxel Game along the lines of Landmark. So much so we are trying to re write Voxel Farm engine to implement it correctly. Currently on the art side we are making more progress in that department and assets are starting to pile up with 0 i repeat zero functionality besides rigging and animations. Mechs, chars, props just sitting collecting dust while one guy who has a job tries to figure out his hobbyist game programmer lifestyle. Im looking for a new partner Mostly just a specific Unreal developer that can make FPS and TPS shooters and puzzlers. Art is taken care of, we have a professional art department for a startup indie team. If you have the free time and are willing to invest in a project with a bit of legs on it already feel free to contact me. So far we are 4 guys , I myself 3dModeler/TD am the only 100% fulltime on this while the others are about 70% 50% 25% time spent during the week. Im in Los Angeles, Programmer in NY ,Novice programmer in France and Art Director/3dModeler/Concept Artist France. Please feel free to check us out. Contact through Email or Skype @ Saintangeles

Instagram: @HobotechWars

also check out the Voxel Farm plugin for Unreal engine


dude , if you know basic school math and have some time then making a prototype of this game ain’t a big deal . just devote an hour everyday learning blueprints and you’ll get there pretty soon.

Good luck
Thx captain. Click some links b4 you troll.

BUMP: Still need a C++ programmer. Im going to gut the Shooter Game Tutorial for a template of the fps. Hope to find an interested party