[Hobbyist] Full Time 3D Generalist, Looking for partners to make game

Hi all!

My name is Joel I am a full time employee at a VR Company as a 3D Generalist. I have also worked as an Unreal Developer (Blueprint based).

I love to make games in my personal time but it is pretty hard to make the games I truly want to as a solo dev!

I am looking for a few other people in similar boats to myself, professional people, who understand deadlines and the important of planning yet understand this would be a side gig with no pay until we complete something.

The game is to be determined (personally would love to make an RPG but I know what kind of work that entails!)

The roles are based upon whoever wants to join

Basically I want a couple other full time people who are also in the game industry wanting to complete a side project!

message back or email me at jphillips3d@gmail.com

Show us your stuff )