[Hobby] Seeking a Lip Sync Specialist For 3D Animated Series

I have launched a large scale 3D animated fiction series that showcases the talent of several incredible 3D animators and talented voice actors. I’ve quickly seen how complex lip syncing is for a rookie like myself - not like the days of .lip files and fuzing / unfuzing in Skyrim!

I am seeking some help regarding getting my characters to speak the lines that have been given me by my amazing voice actors. I have decided to do my best to learn this skill, but I see the road is long and I have other aspects of this project to deal with.

If you are interested in becoming involved with this project, I would love to hear from you. Here is a link to the series:

Hey Pork_and_Beans,

Although I’m not an anything specialist, just enjoy all things Unreal.
I have an, iPhone11, which is capable of relaying, via LiveLink, facial expressions to characters that are equipped with facial blendshapes (51 per character). Although there are caveats using this process, pretty good results can be obtained.

There is a company called, Polywink, https://www.polywink.com/15-facial-animation-for-iphone-x.html, who produce the blendshapes for the characters.

With this process, you can speak the lines, and record the facial animation, and then apply the voice recording over the animation.

I hope this helps?!

All the best,


Hi Smudgy,

Thank you for your reply, it is very interesting.

Would you be interested in participating in this project?

I’d need to send you my MetaHumans and their corresponding lines.

I appreciate the information you shared with me. Let me know if you’d like to take part. I’ve got a lot of great talent on board, so it’s pretty exciting! :slight_smile:

All the best for you too,


Hey PB,

No worries.

Let’s give it a go and see if we can get one of them working as you require.

You can email me on, smudgy67@msn.com, to discuss further.

All the best,