Hobby Project: Game in ancient greece - Storyline and Dialogues

Hi there,

we are a group of 7 People from The US and Europe (Programmers, Maping, 3d Modelling and Concept Arts). We are working on a game and have a basic storyline and a concept for a first Person RPG in ancient greece. The Project language is english.

The RPG is located in ancient greece in the year 500 b.c… It brings the player in a position, where he can choose to join in one of two sides in the beginning of the ionian uprising. he either can join greece and fight the persians or join the persians and help them to destroy greek uprising.
We want to create our Prototype in the next months and we are working on different parts of it.

We are in need of somebody who can support us with the storyline and dialogues.

What we need is a realistic dialogue style with some hidden intelligent hints on different things like the mythology and politics. If you are interested and allready have some experience in dialogue writing for games please contact me.

Best regards to all of you!

'Ey Wro2010,

we are a group of webdevelopers/designers for the social networking company Cyno ( &, we are a social network that is yet to be launched, and we want to support your project, and add it into our game store (like Steam but better) we also have to launch the game store too… But anyway it will be amazing if you guys want to get your game in our game store! Exclusive would be even better :wink: We can also merge some developing power to make it all work.

Also very excited for your game as I am partially greek too, maybe I can help you with the storyline too.
I hope we can get in contact with you soon!

Achileas Samaritakis

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