[Hobby] Looking for one or two people to start a new project

I am looking for someone who is a pretty good Blueprint programmer to team up with.
I would like to work on a Sidescroller/TD Hybrid and I could need help programming.
I am a decent 3D modeller and musician - but I’ve learned a lot about blueprints during quarantine and can seamlessly work inside of Unreal too.
I have a lot of unfinished projects (who doesn’t?) and I would love to be able to focus on graphics and sound more, and not just constantly losing my will to live over programming problems that someone with more experience could probably solve quite easily :wink:
Since no one likes to just join a project in progress I’d like to start from 0, but based on a concept I
try to realize for some time now. Quintessentially a Towerdefense/Sidescroller Hybrid. More Details if you are interested. But there is quite some room to bring your own ideas to the table - it’s up to you.

My most important request is a lot of communication. You know… Some Discord calls and regular exchange. I would love to work together with someone instead of working on the same project separately.
Anyways, here is some reference. Feel free to look around:
some stuff I did for TV / Assets at the end
Assets I implemented in Unreal
Some Environment stuff
(sorry for the video quality - when I recorded that stuff I was out of disk space^^)
Some older music can be found on that channel as well.

I would like to go for a more stylized Art direction for the Game though. I am not a talented Pixelartist, but I love this Pixel/3D Hybrid style.
(my first attempts at that style)
If someone wants to join who can do this type of stuff or pixel art in general that would be stunning too! :slight_smile:

English and German are okay. My Timezone is UTC +01:00
Hope to hear from someone!

Regards Tim

Almost forgot… Kammertone#0649 on Discord
Since no one responded yet I just started :slight_smile:
I made a neat Terrain generator that procedurally builds a ground out of tiles and stores them in an array. That makes it possible to build on a grid and save everything the Player builds in there.
Also one could potentionally use that to mine away blocks - though I am not planning on making a Terraria 2 :smiley:

I thought it looks cool with the black silhouette - but then you can’t see the full terrain.
It is generated in the construction script using instanced meshes - so it is quite efficient in-game - takes some time to generate though.
As you can see the tiles are textured and rotated in a way, that I can have different Layers of sediment, while looking smooth. I’ve put in some ores or minerals just in case if I need them later :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I just have to develop my Pixelart abilities…
I would like to add the possibility to transition between biome types, and add some more functionalities… But the surface is already quite controllable in terms of smoothness, height, or overhanging blocks. (2)
Here are some other applications of my Terrain Generator. This also enables me to do more Cavelike environments or whatever…

Got some Trees for the looks :slight_smile:

Update: Chunks! Looks like nothing, but getting my Generator to spit out interconnected Chunks that work with my cellular reduction and so on did cost as much time to make as it took to build the terrain generator in the first place :smiley:
BUT I can now convert each Chunk into an Array of pure data (Location, terrain, Texture, Rotation etc. per tile), save it on the Hard drive and load it later. Obviously, it would be a bit taxing to generate the terrain on runtime - At least I don’t know how to prevent lag spikes if I’d do it in Game. but now I can just pre-generate some Chunks (or the Player can do it on a loading screen) and just spawn in the already generated Chunks from the Arrays based on the Playerlocation.

But now I know it will work out - so now its time to populate the Map with some fun environment :slight_smile:

Still hoping to convince a Programmer to join me btw :smiley: Kammertone#0649 on Discord