[HOBBY] Fun Zombie Shooter


I’d like to show my learning project which has been build in the last few weeks in my spare time.
The video is actually a lot smoother on my pc but on youtube it looks a bit strange (sorry no experience in game recording).
It is a simple survival game with a more simple storyline
You wakeup in some undeground hospital and have to fight your way up (so next lvl will be less underground, more hospital in generel and the last lvl should be outdoor)

Creating this was my very first experience in a game engine and as well in game development, since I’m working is a webdeveloper normaly (which seems pretty odd against game development now:P)

I tried to do most of my work in c++ (but not UMG widget etc) since I prefer coding
As you can see the content is mostly taken from marketplace or free 3d assets.
So next step for me needs to be learn 3d modelling in blender…

However, here is a small video of what I did so far, hope you like it at least a:

There is still so much to learn, but UE4 is a blessing for people like me who always wished to be able to create their own games