Ho do you change the in game field of view?

I can change it for the viewport but hitting play defaults back to 90.

I’m spawning the player at the current camera location for arch viz


you get the player’s camera and just set the FoV

Can you tell me where the players camera located. I don’t see it in the worldview.

I also like to know where is the camera located. Can someone guide me here.

Just open your player blueprint, select your camera and change the FOV of the camera.
Here is an image of what I’m saying.


EDIT: Select your camera*
Change your FOV here*

Thanks. I tried creating a player blueprint from the details panel but the project (in 4.9.2) crashed. Is there a default blueprint that comes with a player start.Could you tell me how toped the player blueprint.

To create a blueprint player you need to create a blueprint class and will open a window to select a parent class, just select character.

PS: When you create your new player you need to set it as default pawn class, to do that go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Maps and Modes -> then you’ll see Default Pawn Class -> click on the drop down button and select your player class that you created.

I can’t find that Blueprint. Where the heck is this hidden?
Step by step… if you start a new project, where to find this Blueprint that defines the GameMode Camera - Pawn Actor?