HMD Removed From Head Delegate (VR Notifications)

Hello all,

I wounder if any has tried out the VR Notification component (HMD Removed From Head Delegate) in release 4.14? Basically am interested of creating a screen saver when user takes off the Oculus Rift.
As described it should detect whether the HMD is active or not. I saw a similar function called “Is head mounted display enabled” but I asume it checks whether the HMD is actual on or off and not just if it has been removed from the head? So does the “Removed From Head Delegate” check if it has been removed along with the tracker?
I haven’t been able to get it to work so therefor am asking.
Also I wounder if the Oculus Rift goes into sleep mode i.e. after 10 min, would it be considered as “HMD is not enabled”? With the “HMD Put On Head Delegate” the idea is to use as explained when the user put on the HMD and the screen saver will be removed.

Thanks for all inputs!

Is HMD Enabled returns whether UE4 is sending the game to headset not whether the user is using it.

To copy what I said in this thread

In my testing (and digging through the source) Epic added those delegates to the VR Notification component in 4.14 but never implemented them anywhere! Which is a real bummer, and makes me a little frustrated. But anywho I was thinking of fixing it and making a pull request (although its a pretty simple thing to fix and Epic has a pretty bad track record for accepting pull requests…)

Hi there! It’s been a long time since you posted your question. I would just need to solve the same problem and wonder if you found a solution. My problem is to reset the position and orientation of the head set (pawn) when the hmd is taken off.
Thank you!