HLODs & World Paritioning - Not working properly in main scene

I’m getting very odd behaviour with the HLODs & World Paritioning.

Using UE5.1.1 atm (I’m aware everything is alpha/under development)
Just wondering if its known that HLODS are completely broken or I’m doing something wrong here.
I also noticed that my other scene within the same project seems to allow HLODS being built and shown properly. So is it known that the first scene in the project does not work with HLODS/World Parition? I tried making a new scene afterwards but that does also not work properly. So seems like the second scene ever made had something different then the others.

Things I tried to get HLODs to work in the original (first scene)

  1. Systematically remove objects that could cause issues.
    -Splines - Heavy vegetation - Water surfaces - etc.
  2. Tried turning off World parition and on again.
    I’ve gone through countless posts that state roughly the same issues I have, HLODS not being created, not loading, random loading, odd crosses in the loading etc.

Currently it feels like its not creating HLODS in those specific openings. Though there don’t seem to be a logical reason for it. Some are forests, some are grain fields, others are just grass fields with nothing in it.

Any clue how to fix? Or should I just wait for 5.2 in the hopes it fixes the issues?