Hlods using world composition for terrain tiles not clear !

HI so you create the lods for mesh reduction for terrain right? for each tile , but you dont say how to create a layer and putting your terrain lods for making this hlods I CAN CREATE A LAYER USING THE + BUTTON IN WORLD COMPOSITION BUT THATS IT THERE IS NOT FORWRAD INSTRUCTIONS SO HOW CAN THIS WORK IF IS NOT COMPLETLY CLEAR FOR PEOPLE , im in a big tile work and i need for the terrain hlods work , i can hlods each tile also THERE IS A BIG BUG and its that for terrain lods you cannot create more than 1 lod ! it lets you create the lods but when i create them all those have the same polycount. SO 2 THING WE NEED , i need to get this project going , and hlods for actually see completly the process for seen how work .

Thanks for nothing we found the solution :slight_smile:

can u share the solution ?