HLOD Simplify with certain mesh included crashes UE5

Whenever i include a certain mesh in a group of meshes in the HLOD editor and use " simplify"… it crashes the editor and i cant figure out why. Running mesh clean up in maya doesnt show any errors unless i look for “faces with 0 map area”… if high enough tollerance it selects some rounded edges… deleting those makes it work… but i cant figure out why.

They do have map area in the uv editor and if i lower the tolerance of mesh cleanup on the map area part it doesn’t select them. I’m not understanding what is happenign and i dont feel like remodeling a high poly mesh.

I need to figure out what is causing the crash so i dont have to scrap an entire model.

Also I don’t know how to file a bug report in these latest forums… i can include the mesh… i hate these new forums so much…

Also… seperating out every part into seperate meshes instead of one combined mesh… works fine… as individual parts. But recombining them crashes again… this doesnt make logical sense… definently abug but i cant figure out how to submit a bug report.

I seem to have found a solution for now. I import the problem mesh into the editor… then export it out of the actual unreal engine … import that into my 3d package and then export from there back into unreal. Seems to clean up whatever was wrong with the mesh that HLOD didn’t like.