HLOD Proxy Mesh generation fails - UV generation fails

I’m having issues reliably generation HLODS of my content.
After successfully generating clusters across multiple sub-levels, proxy generation fails.
I get the following types of errors:

**LogProxyLODMeshReduction: Warning: UV Generation failed.

LogMeshMerging: Failed to generate proxy mesh for cluster LOD_/Game/Maps/Test/Flamburis/HLOD/MultiSubMapExample/MSME_Env_ForestZone_42_0_bp_mrk_tree_kk_bg6, ProxyLOD UV Generation failed**

The confusing part is that the mesh named above is contained in other clusters. “**bp_mrk_tree_kk_bg6”. **This same asset is used multiple times in multiple other clusters and processes without error.

I have tried several different configurations for generating proxies. Using existing lightmap uvs, and generating new lightmap uvs. Both fail with similar errors.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.