HLOD problems

I’m trying to use HLOD system. I followed Epic’s lesson on youtube, but still something doesn’t work as expected.

  1. I cannot get the HLOD Level - 1 (or more) working. Regardless of how many items I have in the “Hierarchical LOD setup” array only the HLOD Level 0 is working. (There are no other entries in the list of HLODS in the upper part of the window)
  2. I cannot make HLOD use the lowest LOD of my meshes. To test I put many copies of the same mesh in the level. This mesh has LOD 0-2 and LOD 2 is really low poly. I expect HLOD to pick this one. But for some reason HLOD always picks up LOD 1 for the combined mesh. I tried to set “Use Specific LOD level” without success.

There is a screenshot to explain the problem better