HLOD Preview Not Available in 4.9?

I might be being silly here but I can’t find the advertised HLOD preview anywhere. Does this have to be enabled via some console variable or what?

Hello DamirH,

It is a feature that you have to enable. To enable the HLOD go to your world settings. Under the first tab labeled " World" there is a line that says Enable Hierarchical LODSystem. Next to that is a check box to enable the feature.

Thank you,

Yes, I know, but that’s not what I am asking. I am asking how to enable the PREVIEW that’s supposed to be in 4.9 - the volumes that show how static meshes are being grouped together into HLODs.

Hello DamirH,

Sorry about the earlier confusion. After enabling the HLOD system you will need to go build > Preview HLOD clusters. This should enable the spheres surrounding the LOD’s like seen in the 4.9 Release.