HLOD landscape not triangulating and doesn't blend


After delving into the rabbit hole of HLOD posts here on forums and online I haven’t found any mention of this yet. So I hope our collective minds will be able to shed some light onto this issue.

Using 5.3, I was able to generate HLODs for a landscape (yay). The big caveat is that it seams v5.3 currently does not triangulate the HLOD meshes to properly blend with their surroundings leaving huge gaps between the HLOD mesh and the non-HLOD mesh. This sadly makes it impossible to use.

Has anyone else experienced this in 5.3 or previous versions? I’ve tried different HLOD layer settings, different landscape LOD and world partition settings but to no avail.

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Bump, very interested in any information available

This seem to be working correctly in 5.4