HLOD - How to use?

Hi all,

trying to get to grips with HLOD, and in terms of how to use it I could only really find these source, showing how to enable and generate clusters.

However this jumps the details of how to create your HLOD levels to reduce the tri count etc? I know the GUI has basic hints next to each function but Im not really understanding what they are trying to illustrate.

Anyone know of a good tutorial on how to configure your HLOD levels with various settings, or have the time to explain the effect of each setting?

PS Can HLOD levels then be exported/re-imported to unreal or elsewhere to keep a lighter [in terms of geo count] product?

so after generating 3 HLOD level clusters, only 1 is calculated and there is no feedback on its effect unlike shown in the HLOD editor during Unreal’s live training session @ 5.40:

i attach both mine and theres for comparison

managed to generate 1 lod of 2, but for some reason Level 2 is not computed? Why?

any help would be appreciated

PS created a HLOD Volume to get this to work…