HLOD how to activate?

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since version 4.8.3 is the HLOD which allows to minimze the call draws from regulary 7 to just one.
But how do i activate it? Is it a Volume (Which i cant find)? When i look at the settings at “World Settings” -------> Hierachical LOD Setup it´s not accessable cause it´s grey.
Any suggestions?

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Hi Peter,

Have you tried the enabling Hierarchical LODSystem option in World Settings? This should open that up so that it’s no longer grayed out.

e9a7f023d3341467287eee0208b5518d062ce56f.jpegHi Tim,

this dont work because in the Worldsettings this option is grey and nothing you can do.

edit: It´s only possible in Property Matrix, but why? Shouldn´t it be editable directly in the Worldsettings?

hi Peter

You should activate it first

here is a screenshot


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Thanks a lot for your help Amiot :slight_smile: The Graphics is nice :smiley: You´ve made my day.
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Could some one tell me what HLOD does, my main questions are.
Does it create LODs?
Do i need simplygon?
Does it work automaticly or do i need to domthing else than just activate it in world settings?

I would be so grattful if some can aswer that?

Best, Kevin

Hello Kevin, just have a look at: Maybe this can help you.

Hello It is not the HLOD that is just the standert LOD creation.

Ok, as far as i tested it it will do it automaticly. All Meshes will be reduced. Try to play around with the settings.
In the next version 4.9 there will be a HLOD Volume which makes it much easier to use, i think :wink:

HLOD is for clustering objects so that at a distance you can have a very optimized mesh that has lots of components but only needs one draw call to render. There are some 4.9 changes coming that will make it easier to understand what is going on when using HLOD. However I would highly suggest you read following paper on HLOD as it can help to clear up some of your questions.

Thanks for this helpful information, Sam Deiter.

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For archival sake, here’s a great video for anyone looking to learn about HLOD’s from an old Unreal Live stream :