Hlod clusters need rebuilding, again?


I have a map setup with the HLOD system using a blueprint to share the same settings across multiple sub-levels, everything from the generation of clusters to creating the proxy meshes seem to be working just fine, the problem I am having is after building everything, once I hit the “save all” button, it saves what needs to be saved but if I close the editor and open it back up again, clusters are broken randomly and it is prompting me to rebuild the clusters(generate the proxy mesh again), nothing changes in the levels at all, and they are still breaking, I even did the build all option in the top toolbar to build lighting in conjunction with HLODs and same thing happens as soon as I close the editor and open it back up, clusters are broken again. I would like to know if this is some kind of bug inside UE4 or am I missing something in the final saving process, the proxy meshes seem to be working and the HLOD system seems to be working aswell even if the clusters appear to be “broken”, if anybody has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you!


Did you find the answer to this one? We get the same issue.

Same issue here.
I manually rebuild all of them individually. (64 sublevels :wink: then rebuild the persistent level.
When i load it outside of the editor i get this error.