Hiway 9 - Vehicular Combat game with RPG elements

Hello and welcome to Hiway 9, a game set in the late 70’s in a parallel reality very similar to our own, except, the oil crisis of the 1970’s was never resolved. In this reality, many people arm their cars in order to defend themselves or to conquer others. To find resources and survive in a vast and harsh environment, increasingly getting devoid of life due to constant attacks to towns and villages. Groups form and build fortresses across the vast desert, but will that be sufficient?

Create your character, arm your vehicle, and choose your stand in this whole story, your choices may very well construct the realization or the demise of all people.

The game will be set in an entirely procedural environment spanning several hundreds of miles, exploration is essential to survive, but who knows what you might encounter in your journeys?

Every choice you make in this game will change the unfolding of events, it is a simulation where every individual counts, one single life can and will make the difference, who you choose to kill or spare can define your own future, as well as the future of others.

Vehicle types vary from small bikes to massive trains and tanks, weapons range from a throwing rock to military equipment.

Every vehicle can be customized, from the paintjob to the chassis alloy reinforcement, bulletproof glass and shielding, as well as every mounted weapon.

The game is still in a very early stage of development, i have been designing it’s systems, art and gameplay since 2004, when i was only 14 years old, and only recently, in 2016 i began developing the game, after trying out almost every game engine available, i settled for Unreal Engine, because it is the most powerful, versatile, practical and efficient engine i could find.

Right now what i can show you is some concept art, and the beginnings of the character movement system, and vehicle handling.

Early Concept Images:

Character Movement System WIP:

Vehicle Control and Physics WIP:

My Youtube Channel:

If you really like this idea and want to contribute to the project, i’ve created a Patreon page, for becoming my patron you can receive rewards that include Wallpapers of the game, soundtrack songs which include Blues, Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Funk and many other styles common to the 1970’s era, all composed, arranged and performed by me as well, since i’m also a musician. Assets of the game can also be received as rewards.

All rewards will be provided when they are finished, but at a maximum of one per month, for example, only one wallpaper pack, containing a maximum of 5 files will be released in a month, and only one song of the soundtrack can be released in a month, but not every month may contain a reward, i’m sorry for that, but i just don’t have all the time needed to make everything so fast, however, in time, when support increases, my ability will also increase.

I am really grateful to anyone who wishes to support the project, that would mean a great deal to me, also, if you are willing to be my patron, i am also willing to be yours :slight_smile:

I used to love Interstate 76, so this could be some good fun too.

Great! I played the heck out of that game too! In fact, it is the main inspiration for this project.

A little update after some time, finished suspension system and weapons are blaring away now. Gives a little insight on what the game will feel and look like
(sorry about the video quality, my pc is not so tough when recording)