Hi, everyone, I’m excited to present to the Unreal Forums the game that we were working since year and a half, HIVE. We were thinking to make a post here like this one since long time ago, but the game development simply absorb us. We are Catness Game Studios, we are just 3 guys, two of us @Davixe @nah19(me) in the Unreal development, and other guy called @bigadry that is the modeler and concept artist.

Now Im gonna explain a little about the game:

Game Description.png
HIVE is a multiplayer online side-scrolling sci-fi shooter where two teams up to 5 players fight on HIVE’s planet core. The battle is set on an hexagonal shaped map splitted into 6 different zones, each one with its own gravity direction. You can play heroes of different races and equip them with** weapons and abilities** of your choice to fit your favourite game style and combine with the rest of the team to reach the most competitive set.

During the match you can improve your gear by buying upgrades from the special store using the money, the Altenum and the experience you have earned. The better you play, the more you will improve your character!

The United Federation of Governments (UFG) from earth, the EVO (Machines and Droids banished from the Earth) and the NHC (Non-Human Creatures), are immersed in a heavy war for years to take planet HIVE IV under control, which is full of altenum, a highly valued resource, very important for these three races. Since the conflict started, some gods from Continuum (Universal Elite Gods) decided to solve this up by creating these bloody games between factions, forcing them to fight each other for Altenum on planet HIVE IV’s core, where each race sent their best warriors to face the challenge and protect their people.



** - Competitive multiplayer game

  • Games up to 10 players
  • Dynamic gravity map
  • Frenetic dash movements
  • Custom weapon & ability system
  • Upgrade Your Weapons & abilities
  • Develop your skills**


To finish this post, say that this is just a presentation post, our intention is to explain briefly how our game has been made. Animations, blueprints, widgets, etc… And also show some 3d and 2d art related to the game. I hope you like it, and any question or suggestion, just do it!

PD: Excuse my English is quite bad… :slight_smile:

Hi! i’m the other guy in this project, hope you like it, and we will be happy if you give us feedback to improve the game :slight_smile:

Application Design

Hi everyone! First of all I’m gonna explain a little bit the main structure of our application design, is not the best at all, but works fine for us. At the beginning we found some problems to know how we should structure correctly the project, all that we had was some brief documentation and the ShooterExample. This situation force us to figure out some design things diving a lot in the example code.

First we tried to understand how examples and the proper engine uses each important class, what should be in the Gamemode, or in the PlayerState, for example, or why we need to allocate some variable in this class and not in this other class…

Finally we found some light, and we arrived to this conclusions:

Gamemode: Should be used to establish the main rules of the game, namely, this class guide mainly our game, timing, match states, player joinings… It’s only executed in the server side because all runned there, should be important to the server.

GameState: If we need to share to other players or other entities some data of the gamemode, we need to use this class, for example, the remaining seconds of the game, or the number of total kills.

PlayerController: This class manage some things that are executed with independency of the game objects or actors, as the controller’s input, viewport settings, HUD, etc…

Character: Usually is the main character, the character that you are controlling in game, then, this class should manage all skills of the character; movement, jumps, collect, etc… And store data that can be deleted when the character dies.

PlayerState: This class is oriented to store all that data that we do not want to get lost when the player dies.

Finally trying to follow this and other guides we get the application design of the game.


To be honest, at the beginning the design application was quite shorter than know, only was designed the main part (in yellow) that contains the core classes of the level. But after start to build all the structure, we note that some more classes were needed for the different functionalities of the game as you can see above, abilities, upgrades, damages, etc…

Looking sweet so far!

Looks like a fun game so far!

Steam Greenlight

Hi everyone! this last weeks were so intense!

Today we finally released the game on Steam Greenlight! we tried to follow the guidelines of the most experienced, so I just hope you like it, and if we are finally accepted in the community promise to do an article explaining step by step how it went!

We will inform you throughout the day that our movements and how they vote, and if you have any suggestions do not hesitate to say it.

Here’s the link!


I’ll keep an eye on this, looks great and fun to play, gg :wink:

Thanks to all! we will keep you informed!

Greenlight - First day

Hi everyone! We pased our first day at Steam Greenlight, we can share now our first stats, well, personally I dont know if are a good or bad stats. Thats why anyone here can give some light to that question.

There is all in Spanish, but anyways I think anyone can figure out what means each category.

By now or strategy is simply spread the game everywhere where we think that is useful as social networks, games websites, press, etc… We are opened to suggestions, actions, or something, that can make grow our votes and of course thoughts about the content of the greenlight (videos, images, description).