Hitting some speed bumps with the "Details View" widget

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick issue I was having to see if anyone has an idea of how to go about handling it.

I am working on prototyping some editor utility widget functionality but I can’t get the details view widget to behave as expected. I created a completely blank 4.24 project to ensure replicability and sure enough it seems to be a persistent problem.


I created a blueprint class (child of “Actor”) that has several variables, organized in a few different tiers of categories but the blueprint is otherwise completely empty. The variable structure is shown here:

Note: all of the variables are under the top-level category of “Parent Category”

I have also created a simple editor utility widget that contains 2 “Details View” widgets in a horizontal box. Both of these DV widgets are identical in every way except:

The left one has all default “view” settings

The right one has one entry in the “Categories to Show” array called “Parent Category”

The editor utility widget’s logic is as follows:

For testing purposes, I simply want to take whatever actor is selected in the viewport and load it into the DV widgets as their objects, which works perfectly fine.


As there are going to be many different blueprint classes that could potentially have their properties shown, I would like to designate a universal category in all of them where the appropriate variables are drawn from and displayed in the widget. So in this case, if I set the “category to show” as I did above, I should see any and all variables that are inside the blueprint class in that category.

When I run the editor utility I see the widget with the 2 initialized Details View widgets within it

The left one features a mirror of what the actual blueprint’s details view would look like which is completely expected. The right one, however has a few
discrepancies that I can not for the life of me figure out how to fix.

The first thing I noticed is the “Transform” category with absolutely nothing in it. There doesn’t seem to be a way to blacklist categories but I assume that would be a fairly simple fix if that were the case.

The next issue is that (other than the “Parent Category” itself, which I am guessing is because it was the actual category specified) any category that has a child category under it (in this case “Child1”) does not have it’s variables displayed. It seems to search through until it says “hey, I am a bottom tier category” and then displays the variables it finds. The Child1 category container is displayed to allow the “GrandChild” category and variables to still be shown but this is not the behavior I am looking for.

What I would ultimately like to do with my future potential set up (which most likely doesn’t even involve Details View widgets) is to have a specific blueprint selected from the level and load it’s variables using specified widgets that I create (like if the variable was an enum that had 3 options it would generate that enum’s widget that had say a button for each option). I already have a good idea of how to do this but I want to figure out a more adaptable way to designate which variables should be loaded into which widgets for each bp class and I am not sure of how to do something like this on a somewhat automated level. For right now I figured using a Details View panel can at least get some of the variable forwarding logic ironed out but obviously that is not working out.

I am not sure if these issues are by some strange design, a bug or maybe I am just doing something completely wrong but I could really use some help here. And if anyone has any ideas on how to go about my ideal scenario that would be great too. Let me know if you guys need any more information.

Thanks everyone.