Hit URL without opening page.

Hey everyone!

Anyone know of a way to send a url request without opening the webpage?

For example I want to send “” to save a high score, but I don’t want the client to open the resulting webpage which just displays the text “OK”. I just want to send the info through a URL.

LaunchURL works but opens the page.

If you’re not opposed to a plugin, you can get the VaRest plugin which can do that.

I will give the VaRest plugin a try. Using the Low Entry HTTP request plugin right now and it won’t package into HTML5.

VaRest plugin fails to package into HTML5 as well. HTML5 doesn’t seem to handle any third party plugins. Even Substance stops an HTML5 build.

You might want to ask the creators if they can support HTML5.
In the end it’s just code. Probably some libraries missing.

I don’t think it is the plugins faults. It looks like there is an issue with enscripten in version 4.13+ that won’t let HTML5 compile with third party plugins. If you got a chance you could try a couple and let me know if you got any to pass. Just make a project, turn on a plugin and try to build for HTML5.

Sadly I don’t have the time for that currently.
Sounds like you analyzed the logs already and search on google for it, so I can’t really add help here, since I’m not familiar with HTML5.

Sending information to a website should be done with these though.

I assume you are not good at C++?
Otherwise you could try to add the functionality by yourself. So you would simply get the Plugin Source and add it to your project directly.
But if you can’t use C++, then it might get a bit tricky if not impossible.

You can check the remaining console commands, but despite that, I don’t know of any node that pushes data to a website.
I also don’t know if you can suppress the Page opening of “Launch URL”, but I would guess you can’t.