Hit Tracing for Item Drop

Hey guys so I recently followed a tutorial on making an inventory system, However, I want to make the functionality of it a little better. Right now I can drop items no problem as well as pick them up. But I want to be able to check the location of where I am dropping the items to see if there are no objects that the items will disappear into. For example, right now if I drop my items next to a BSP Box or any type of Object, the item I am dropping spawns inside of the object because I have my “DropLocation” set as an arrow that has a specific location (X70.00cm, Y00.00cm, Z-96.00cm from ThirdPersonCharacter) This places items on the ground equivalent to my player position, but slightly in front of my player. I was wondering if there was a way to use hit tracing to see if the “DropLocation” is hitting anything, if so move the drop location. If not, then drop item there. Any suggestions?

Just do a trace from the character to the drop location, take the hit location and apply a ‘safe’ area to that.

How would I got about doing this?