Hit Scan vs Projectile - The pros and cons of both

This is for a personal project in UE4 not about UT!

I’m looking to get a discussion going on the pros of cons of hit scan and projectile weapons. I’m currently in the early phases of a project. We’re working on a more strategic focused multiplayer fps and the plan initially to have projectile weapons in from the start as they feel more authentic but after hearing some of the benefits to hit scan it has re-opened the debate for me.

I’m wondering what people’s opinions of both and some of the benefits of each from a variety of different perspectives.

Just to answer with the obvious, why not have both?

I did toy with the idea but I want to know more first. Researching this topic is proving quite tough.

Not really sure there’s a lot to research. Most games seem to use a combination of the two. Certainly most FPS games do. Code wise both are pretty easy. So why not just experiment with what feels right for any given weapon?

I really think this could be moved into the weapons area for further discussion with people interested on that at this point.

The pros and cons are obvious and you will need both anyway.

The rule of thumb is for things than move faster than eye can pick it, you should use simple traces (Hit Scan), and for things than move slow enough to be seen, use Projectiles.

Of course if you are doing next ArmA type game, you will want to use projectiles for everything, to add more realism.

Even for purely hitscan weapons, it can be useful to have projectile “tracer” lines fire at intervals to give players an indication where fire is coming from.

Because although it does look like it … he is not actually talking about UT but rather his own project, so it’s in the correct area. Personally I think most weapons would and should be hitscan. Unless your game thematically needs projectile I would use it sparingly over the majority of hit scan weapons.

In my original draft of this I did include that fact its not for the new UT but decide I would be stating it twice but I put it back to help calarify.

That is one of the plans. I was also thinking about doing some other tricks to fake the projectile experience with hit scan too and getting the best of both worlds.

One thing that also needs to be conidered when you want to make a multiplayer game is, that projectiles would need their movement and other variables replicated to the clients. Whereas with Hitscanning you only need to replicate the Hit and tell clients to show the corresponding effects.

One problem that I also had in UDK with extremely fast projectiles was, that they would appear a couple of ticks too late, so the would not even exist on the client’s side when you hit an object at close distance. This can obviously be fixed with a bit of coding. (Accelerated Projectiles so they don’t travel too far before they spawn for the client or local spawning.)