Hit Proxy for diy gizmos

I’m trying to have the unreal editor styled gizmos in Game by copying the code of Editor, I have the gizmos diplayed but we can not click on them, FViewport::GetRawHitProxyData() always return a TArray with 255 in it. just like nothing is drawn on it.
what I have already tried

  • in myGameViewportClient add virtual bool RequiresHitProxyStorage() override { return true; }
  • in myGameViewportClient 's constructor add EngineShowFlags.SetHitProxies( true ); but it does not work, EngineShowFlags.HitProxies is always 0, once the game is launched.
  • in myGameViewportClient::::Draw( FViewport* InViewport, FCanvas* SceneCanvas ) add ViewFamily.EngineShowFlags.SetHitProxies( true ); it just give me a black viewport

Did someone resolve a similar problem?

Hi @Pan., I’m trying to get UE4’s transform gizmos in game mode and PIE, could you please elaborate a little bit more about what you worked on? Thanks!

@Venom89 @anonymous_user_784e97a4 hi brother ,do u resolve the problem? could u show me what i can do for it ?

You could try this transform gizmo at runtime: