Hit events does not fire on character walking


I have my character moving on floor, in some of floor tiles I have added hit event which will destroy character on hit event. I have collison enabled ,both in character and floor tile. When charaacter jumps into the floor, then it get destroyed but when it simply walks on the floor, it doest get destroyed. I want to destroy it whenever my character come in contact with that floor tile. I have tried OnBeginOverlap too but didnt worked. Can you please help me with this problem. I may be missing something very obvious.


if you have not already try this: on your floor tile in the details panel under collision, make sure you have the check box for generate overlap events on. Next, set collision presets to custom. hit the drop down arrow at the bottom of that panel and it should open up a bunch of check boxes for Ignore, Overlap, and Block. Make sure you have Overlap checked on for pawn. Now the OnEventBeginOverlap event in your blueprint should work.

@viceversa Hi. It makes my character to go through the floor and it doesnt collide.

Another option would run running a line trace straight down on event tick, when it detects that tile, destroy it.

Oh, i thought you’d already done that when testing the overlap. but yes that would also do the job if you hadn’t already.

That will not be a good option as this tile is going to be only once in gameplay.

I think I should go with a trigger Box placed over the floor tile and generate events on it.

My suggestion would be to create a trigger volume inside the character not the tile. When it overlaps the tile, destroy the player. That way you can leave the player on blocking channel and it will still collide with ground.