Hit Event Question

How would I do a hit event without having player input? Like, for example, a Gondola that carries a player and when the player hits something it generates a hit event? The only I can get it to work now is if the player is actually pressing W to walk into the box it hits, I want the hit to be generated without player input.


What are your collision settings?
Have you tried “event overlap” instead of “event hit”?
What is your collider?

if you set your hit event in the other blueprint. It will detect all hit events.
(don’t forget to cast to itself and to character and all other ignored actors from other actor node or other components from other comp (for example to ignore an overlap box in a blueprint but not the mesh) and use fail output to ignore them)

then you set your event from here.

If this is an action that you can’t set from there, cast to your character and use a function / custom event you’ve created in character.