Hit event not reacting properly?

The print string events are for debugging something different

My Problem is, that The hit event only generates an output, if I walk towards the physics object.
This is supposed to trigger the character to go into ragdoll when hit quickly enough.

My current node setup is this:

Update: Video is now avalible

Update 2: added second video

Hey there, video is not available.

It should be now, missclicked during the upload

The first hit didn’t execute the event, is that the problem?

The problem is, that I have to walk towards the moving object to trigger the event

Maybe this’ll claify it

When you move around the blocks do you use sweep?

I am using the add force node, This is the blueprint

I think it’s because your enum is set on moveable (for testing something else or put it into the false pin. Can be that the movable is referring to your character, not the boxes). If it’s still not working it could be that the hit event is only triggered by your skeleton mesh.

The timeline just oscillates between 1 and -1

If your blocks are simulating physics then make sure you have the option Simulation Generates hit Events on the mesh.

The hit event is inside the player Blueprint and the boxes are set to movable.

It works if I walk towards it and that’s what is confusing me.

I do already have that enabled

I forgot to tick the “Simulation Generates Hit Events” box in the Capsule Component…