hit end event ?

hello, i’m just wondering how to know when the hit between the player and any object goes to end.

i’m polishing my character movements and animations, i want to change the animation when my player is jumping but colliding with any wall to a “wall grip” animation, but suddenly when the player jump away of the wall he must change the animacion to a jump animation again.

i was searching on the blueprints, but i didn’t saw any end hit event, how do i check when the hit was ended?

thanks in advance for all the help.

Check the overlap event. Might help.

i checked the overlap event, but it didn’t get fire, i think the reason is because i’m not overlaping any wall, i’m just colliding with it.

any other ideas ?

There’s no “BeginHit” and “EndHit”, it doesn’t make sense, even physically.

thanks for the info, what will be a work around to detect when the player leaves the wall ?

Try make a collision box around the character that is bigger than the player, and get the overlap from that.


thank you for the info ziarra, i will try to do that.

Hey mate, similar trouble here. Have done the same as ziarra mentioned, works well for the first 2 “hits” (end overlap), but after that only works if player hits another mesh. To be clear, I’m adding a Rolling sound to rocks and EventHit (the most precise to activate it) fires the CUE really well, but when the Rock Sphere is bouncing on the air, the rolling sound keeps going until its end. I need a trigger to stop it and end overlaps event behaves like I said… any help? Cheers!