Hit detection system based on capsule component (output bones)

Greetings everyone. I’ve been on this problem for many hours and so far no results. I have difficulty in hit detection system which is based on the collision capsule that check for hits against the mesh itself. I need collision system that would allow me to know exactly which bones of a character mesh were hit by the weapon! I need something like this but with shooter. ANybody can help me? It would be great if someone sent me a project with example cuz i`ve gut stuck. Sorry for my language.

I think hit result has output “hit bone name”, have you tried it?

If i recall correctly , Rama’s “victory plugin” has a node to find the closet bone hit . you may want to check it out

Did you ever find a solution to this @anonymous_user_606d9983 ? I’ve tried adding a new “projectile” and “pawnmesh” channel, setting the capsule component to ignore this and the mesh to block “projectile”, and still no hit events generated by the projectile. It seems it only uses the object type of the root component on the character for collision, which I can’t change

This four year old question was answered six years ago: v=N1tDjbFXeOo – Jump to 48 min and they show this in a scene that anyone can access in the content examples project.