Hit Cursor Results & Master Pose Component Setup Problem [SOLVED]

Hi Guys, so it appears that with 4.24, or 4.25 you have to enable **Support UV From Hit Results, **otherwise **Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel **is not working for Actors which have set a new Master Pose Component, at all.

This was working previously (at least until 4.23) without enabling Support UV From Hit Results.

Bottom line the Master Pose Component omits tracing for results, for the parent Skeletal Mesh (Character default). Since we are forced to use the Master Pose when changing child skeletal meshes at runtime, we also need a better solution for traces involving Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Channel and possibly also Get Hit Result Under Cursor by Object.

Is this a known issue, is this even considered a bug, or perhaps there is an easy fix for this, I want to hear it, thank you.

Issue demonstration:

For anybody else coming across this issue, the character requires a physics asset assigned in order to generate hit results.

However, still not working with Mesh as the Master Pose Component.

It turns out that something must be wrongly configured with the BP I used to setup an Actor with additional skeletal meshes, and in the process using a Master Pose Component node, even though the collisions, root and class settings match a working sample.

Using a new child BP fixed the issue somehow.

Sounds like you figured out a solution! Just want to double check, do you still feel like there is a bug or was it a matter of figuring out how to set up your BP?

My conclusion so far is that actor blueprints were perhaps not properly updated when switching to 4.25 from 4.23. This affected several if not all actor blueprints with randomly assigned skeletal meshes and setting them with the Master Pose Component node. Resulting in this issue with the Cursor tracing.

It works when setting up these actor blueprints from scratch, which luckily is not a lot of work, but debugging costed me a day.