Hit Box problem in 4.3?

I was doing simple HUD hit box testing in 4.2 just adding a hit box, enabling mouse and click events, then have a click event and it just prints the name string. I converted over to 4.3 with the same blueprint now nothing happens on the click event.

Does the same thing happen if you make a new hitbox? Are you using the HUD blueprint in your game mode and using it for your level?

Yes, the HUD that I am using is still working fine for everything except hitboxes. I have tried adding a new one, add in a different blueprint. There is one more thing I am going to try.


Seems that now add hit box needs to be used in the event receive draw HUD portion rather than before. So I tried one add hit box when the game is paused and another when the game is running. Only the paused menu worked when the game was paused, one the game menu worked when it was running. It was exactly what I was looking for.