hit a socket

Hi all…
There is a way that when a object hit a socket of my character happens something?
Like if i do an headshot to this character play an animation or when i hit his leg happens something else?

I think Rama made a blueprint node that does a line trace to bones or something like that which you could use. Ask him

how i can contact him?!

i can’t concact him… can someone help me?
I mean there is something that know how?

Siengried, i already told you to stop bumping threads that are unanswered for less than 4 days!
EniGmaa told you that Ramas Plugin (even gave you the Link) has a node that can trace for sockets.

Download and install the Plugin from Rama (can be found in the Thread that was linked) and use the Node that it gives you for tracing sockets!

EDIT: Otherwise you can use Collisionboxes for each part of your Mesh. Create sockets for these parts and create Collision Boxes. Then set the parent socket of the Collision boxes to the ones you create, so they move with the bones.

Then you can do different stuff for different collision boxes that were hit.

can you tell me more? I have created the collison box…now i have to check a branch…if he hit? What i should do?

please can explain me more man?

I mean this:

So you can just add an BeginOverlap event for each of them. Don’t know if this is the correct way in UE4, but this would be my attempt.

how i can add this box?

Allow me to show you the way