Historical Turn Based Strategy/Roleplay game

Hey, I first want to say I am sort of new to Unreal Engine, and am still getting used to the engine. But for a while now I have been sort of inspired by games such as CK2, Sid Meier’s Civilization, and Total War: Rome II, and have been thinking about making a game that’s basically like all 3 games, such as it being turned based like Civilization, but have it character based and dynastic like in CK2, which would be the main focus of the game, but unlike all 3, you can create your own fictional kingdom, with AI players that are fictional kingdoms based off of real ones. Over time more kingdoms form, and new Kingdoms form over time creating a completely different world then what was first generated. The game would start in 3500 BCE, and would end in 1519, at the end of the medieval era. Every turn would be 10 years, and the players dynasty would have to survive. I think I can do it once I figure out how in the heavens I would start going about the system, since its unlike anything I have ever seen. Basically, I am just asking how I can go upon creating the blueprint for the system, any tips will help.

Like everything in game development, you’re going to have to break it down into the simplest components and tackle those, you’re looking at it to broad.

did not see you answered, thanks for the answer, if I am not asking too much maybe you can help me out a bit getting around the engine, I have used fusion in the past but I feel like I want to use a more advanced engine

I’m not going to get into how to make a game like that, but if this ever becomes more than just an idea then I really recommend making a turn less than 10 years. If you do that then the average turns per character would only be 4-5, assuming they don’t die as a child. In ck2 you spend a lot of time with each character, and even then they just feel like objects with tags attached to them instead of proper characters imo