HISMs a few questions

Any HISM experts? I have a few questions.

  1. What exactly is the Instances property used for in the HISM component? Even when it is set to 0 array items it seems to work.

  2. Why when changing the camera angle do my LOD3 static mesh instances disappear?

  3. Is there any difference between simply using a ‘AddHierarchicalInstancedStaticMesh’ component vs using an ‘AddInstance’ component whose target is a HISM?

You use the add hism node once, to make the instanced mesh, then use the add instance node to actually add the instances. That’s what the instances property is, it’s the instances.

This also answers Q2.

Q3: It’s a bug. As far as I know, there’s two ways to avoid it:

  1. Use less instances ( < 2000 )

  2. Use ISM instead of HISM.

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I wish there was better documentation on this!
It actually seems to be a widespread error most devs make

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