Hiring Talented UE Archviz Artist for a real estate project.

Hiring Talented UE Archviz Artist for a real estate project.

The quality and functionalities are as those of this example : Riviera House - UE4Arch

This is an offer for professional Freelance artists and or agencies with good knowledge of 3D Archviz in general and Unreal Engine in particular. Scene creation, assets imports, photo-realistic Materials and Textures creation, believable lighting, blueprints and custom interaction, scene and lighting optimisation…

Available to work with is a textured sketchup or 3ds Max model and the project is due within the next 3 weeks

if you fit the job requirements and have examples to showcase, do please drop a message

this is a fast paced project, that needs someone that really understands the engine, its subtleties and workarounds optimisations.

Good luck everyone and looking forward to hearing from you

Will you be needing anything for visualization?


We are a professional team that have been working with the Unreal Engine for a little over a year (and the UDK before that) and have the skill set to handle something like this.

In fact, our Creative Director was an Architect before he started working for us.

We also have talented modelers and programmers to do just about anything you need with the Unreal Engine.

If you are interested just send me an email and we can setup a time to talk.