Hiring Smart and Insightful Game Designer for RTS hybrid

We’re looking for a potential hire to fill the position junior game designer for our project. You would be expected to build on the ideas of the project as set by the project lead. You must have a finished game / prototype to be considered from the job. Looking primarily to help build up our job system and the accomodating perks. Depending on we like your contributions you may be assigned further tasks.

is this a job that could be done remotely or would it have to be in house ?

Hi, I think I fit what you’re looking for, including experience, and would love to be able to talk further on the subject at your convenience.

Please contact me when possible if interested.

Well, i was thinking of a RTS with self-made units out of blocks and flow economy

Altogether, i can be a modeler.

contact by pm

Hi there ,

Is there anyway to reach out to you? I’d love to know more details on your project. For some odd reason I’m not able to PM you :confused: .

New users aren’t able to PM other users until their first couple of posts have been approved - it’s a measure we had to take in order to prevent spammers registering accounts and bombarding other users.

Yes :slight_smile: I understand. On a side note I genuinely feel job posters ought add some form of contact id in their post.