[HIRING] Short Term, Low-Skill Photoshop Contract (Remote)

Hi all,

This isn’t exactly Unreal Engine work, but I post here often and know there’s many artists looking in this area. This is also a competitively paid position for the skill level, so I’m guessing that can only help this forum. My company also uses Unreal Engine regularly so it could eventually branch into that.

My company, Stream TV Networks, is looking for several artists who have intermediate Photoshop skills (or GIMP or whatever 2D editing program you use) and some free time from now until April 22nd. We are converting CGI trailers of very popular video games from 2D to glasses-free 3D for showcase at PAX East and I need artists to take keyframes from the videos and paint grayscale depth maps manually over the images. Pay is roughly $30-$40/hour, but is paid per keyframe (so it depends on your speed). The job will also require some of our staff to train you on the process, which takes roughly 2-4 hours, and which will be paid.

This is about a 2 week contract, and if you want to continue working with us after PAX East, we will have further contracts (about once per month). We are also open to the idea of permanent employment if you excel at the job (we have done the contract-to-hire process before).

Interested parties can contact me at or via PM here. This is a remote position.


Zach Lehman
Games Director,
Stream TV Networks, Inc.

You use Skype?
Sent you an email on the job task.

Hi all,

We’ve had an amazing response so far to our posting! Several people have asked me to clarify something about payment.

Our payment structure is $5 per keyframe processed. The average person who processes keyframes can do several in an hour, which can add up to the hourly range I quoted above. However, the important number for you guys to keep in mind is $5 per keyframe.

Sorry for the confusion!