Hiring Programmers and Level Designers


My name is Tim Schumann and I am currently looking to fill the final spots on my new team. I am looking to hire 2 programmers and 2 level/game designers with experience in Unreal.

As of right now we are in the pre production stage. We have a writer and 2 amazing concept artists building a world right now. We also have two 3D modelers and a marketing strategist.

I myself am a video game sound designer who has spent time working at Sony Computer Entertainment and a professional recording studio. This will be my second attempt at building a development studio. The last team I worked with had a great creative vision but failed to lack the business mindset necessary to make the career a reality. This has caused me to step out on my own and look towards a brighter future with a new team.

I am looking for Programmers and Game Designers who can start building prototypes of our game systems during pre production. The goal is to get to a working demo as fast as possible so we can start searching for funding and get paid.

Members will first be on a Revenue Share program until we complete a funding campaign to find capital.

If you are interested in joining or just learning more about the vision please get in touch with me at:

iam BP/c++ ue4 programmer… well i can try work… skype/email and good sceptic mood exist always
some examples mini work here

sent you an email

Hi Tim. What this project is about? RPG, horror game? Do you have more information about it?